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Gate Motor Suppliers In South Africa

Are you looking for quality gate motors to automate your gate? Well here at DB Electric Fencing we have a wide range of gate motors four you to choose from. Electric gates are definitely the safer option because they do not require you to exit your vehicle in order to open the gate to your home or business. You can purchase a new gate motor from DB Electric Fencing at a fraction of the price that you would expect to pay for a quality product. After you have purchased a gate motor, we will also install it for you professionally and efficiently. Along with the installation of your gate motor we also offer: electric fencing design, installation, servicing, upgrades and repairs; pre cast walls- extensions and repairs; alarms;  armed response link-ups; intercoms; cctv; gate motor installation & automation; owner supervised and managed projects; highest quality workmanship; client focussed service excellence. Our automatic gate motors ensure your safety with their sturdiness and durability. Despite our gate motor prices being low, this certainly does not mean that we have sacrificed their quality! We have made our gate motor prices affordable because we believe that everybody is entitled to keep themselves and their families safe from harm! Purchase a sturdy gate motor from DB Electric Fencing today and get great value for your money.

Electric fencing in South Africa

We at DB Electric Fencing offer the best quality electric fencing in Gauteng. Living in South Africa, we are all aware of the prevalence of crime and how it affects our society. This is why, in order to protect ourselves, our families and our belongings, it is necessary to install electric fencing in your home and business. Having electric fencing in your home will ensure that criminals cannot enter your property, while having electric fencing in your business will protect valuable, and expensive, merchandise. DB Electric Fencing is a fence company that puts our clients’ safety first. Because of this, you will find that we have all of the most affordable prices when it comes to purchasing an energizer for electric fence or installing electric fencing in Gauteng. After all, you cannot put a price on safety!

We are here to help…

What CCTV systems monitor your surroundings 24/7, allowing you to view everything on a monitor. This means that if anything ‘fishy’ does happen, you will know about it instantly and have time to call your security company for assistance. Purchase excellent quality CCTV cameras right here at DB Electric Fencing and enhance your protection instantly!

Feel free to contact us for more information on 072 062 5605. DB Electric Fencing is a well-respected and trusted supplier of gate motors and electric fencing in South Africa.